Tree & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are woody plants that are divided into two groups, deciduous, meaning they loose their leaves in winter, and evergreen that holds their needles or leaves throughout the year.  Trees are the foundation of your garden, providing structure, shade, privacy and attracting wildlife.  When choosing a tree or shrub you need to consider size, leaf or needle color, seasonal bloom or fruit.

Here at the garden center we carry trees and shrubs that are hardy to zones 3 and 4.  We have a wide variety of crabapples, maples, chokecherries, flowering plums, birch, as well as many other trees for this climate.  We also have a great selection of 3ft to 17ft Colorado spruce, lodgepole, Austrian, and ponderosa pine.  And of course we have Quaking Aspen in all sizes.

Our shrubs are hardy for high altitude gardening; from potentilla to barberries, willows to dogwoods, we have a selection of shrubs that can be pruned as a hedge or used in groups as a focal point in a shrub border.  Smaller shrubs like dwarf barberries or dwarf dogwoods can also be incorporated into a perennial border for added interest in your landscape.