Tools, Supplies

Sun Valley Garden Center carries everything you need to keep your garden in excellent shape.  We have a large variety of each of these supplies listed below.

  • Gloves – durable West County Gardner, long rose gloves, all types of leather, cloth and rubber gloves for every use.
  • Hand Tools – Felco and Corona pruners and loppers, trowels in all shapes and sizes, hand cultivators as well as Hori Hori knives (our most popular tool).
  • Shovels, rakes and edgers – every size and price range.
  • Garden and potting soils – natural organic planting mixes, African violet soil, Miracle Gro Potting Soil and many others
  • Weed control – weed barrier cloth, natural and conventional weed killers
  • Frost cloth and shade cloth
  • Soil amendments – compost, manure, bark
  • Plant supports – peony rings, grow-through rings, bamboo and sturdy stakes
  • Fertilizer – natural organic and conventional fertilizer for your garden and lawn
  • Insecticides and Fungicides